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Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers?

Volleyball players blocking at the net with taped fingers

Ever wonder why you frequently see volleyball players with fingers intricately taped? You're not alone! There are many reasons why this trend is so popular in the sport of volleyball. We'll break down both the functional and fashionable benefits of taping your fingers and why it can be an essential regimen for players at any level.

The Functional Reasons for Taping Your Fingers in Volleyball

Taping fingers in volleyball is primarily done as a preventive measure against injuries. Strong, agile hands are essential to a volleyball player, especially if you're a setter or a hitter blocking at a high level. In a sport where your hands and fingers dictate at least 2 of the 3 contacts, injuries to these areas can be both common and devastating to a player. Dislocating, spraining, or even breaking your fingers can be a season-ending injury, depending on your position.

The main functional benefits of using athletic tape on your fingers in volleyball are:

  • Taping fingers helps to reinforce any weak or injured areas, boosting the overall strength and resilience of the digits. This is especially useful for setters.
  • It helps prevent sprains, dislocations, or other potential damage caused by the intense force of hitting and blocking the ball. The tape acts as a supportive framework around the fingers, absorbing some of the impact from high-speed, high-velocity attacks.
  • It grants athletes the extra confidence to play freely and loosely, knowing they have an extra layer of protection.

The Fashionable Reasons for Taping Your Fingers in Volleyball

If you're still skeptical as to why volleyball players tape their fingers, don't worry. Many volleyball players confess that their finger taping isn't entirely for functional reasons. It crosses the line into becoming a fashion statement as well. Within the volleyball community, you'll notice a range of unique taping styles that individualize athletes and help them stand out. The aesthetic appeal of tape on fingers is simply a fun way for players to express their personalities or team spirit, adding a stylish flair to their game attire.

Our Top Volleyball Athletic Tape Recommendations

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Popular Volleyball Players that Tape Their Fingers

Texas volleyball setter, Jhenna Gabriel, with taped fingers
Jhenna Gabriel, former setter for the Texas Longhorns Volleyball program is notorious for taping her fingers.

Logan Eggleston, Texas volleyball outside hitter, with taped fingers.
Logan Eggleston, professional volleyball player and former outside hitter for Texas, has tape on her fingers.

Professional Volleyball Players with Taped Fingers

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